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The Cleantech Industry

Energy:  generation (renewable), storage (fuel cells, advanced batteries and hybrid systems) and infrastructure (smart grid)

Energy efficiency: green building, lighting, glass

Transportation: vehicles (electric and hybrid cars), logistics

Water: water treatment (filtration, purification, conservation) and wastewater treatment

Air and Environment: cleanup / safety,  monitoring /compliance , emission control, trading and offsets

Materials: nanotech, biotech, green chemistry

Manufacturing: advanced packaging, monitoring and control, smart production

Agriculture: land management, organic and eco food, natural pesticides, natural fertilizers, irrigation, aquaculture

Recycling and waste: recycling and waste treatment services


Cleantech  industry is one of the fast growing market. In 2010 annual global sales volume amounts to USD 1.4 trillions. It is expected according Cleantech Group that this market to double in 2020 up to USD 3.0 trillions.

Russian cleantech market amounts to RUR 0.6-2.0 trillions or 3-4% of GDP according the estimates by Russian Economics and Development Ministry (USD 0.02-0.06 trillions or 1.4-4 % of global market)