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Green Economy

Green economy - sectors that create and enhance the natural capital of land or reduce the environmental threats and risks (UNEP). "If the traditional economics combines labor, technology and resources to produce goods of end-use and waste, the green economy should return the waste back into the production cycle, causing minimal damage to nature" (Pavan Suhdev, Deutche Bank).

In a business environment, the concept of a green economy is at the peak of attention. International financial foundations, governments of developed countries, businesses and consumers are already building a green economy. Investments in energy-efficient technologies and natural infrastructures already yielding adequate return.

World Economic Forum in 2009 took a new global deal on the green economy as the only path of development for the program allocated $ 750 billion (1% of world GDP).

At the heart of the green economy - clean or green technologies ("cleantech" or greentech, although the last term, some experts refer to technology 80 - "at the end of the pipe”), such new technologies or business models offering competitive revenue while providing solutions to global problems. These gurus "Green Economy" as the Cleantech Group, believe termig greentech more appropriate to technology 80 - "at the end of the tube”, which were driven by regulation and did not form the greater market demand among consumers.

Clean technology works with the cause of environmental problems using new and innovative approaches, radically changing the products, technology and consumer behavior. Clean technologies are stimulated by consumer preferences and so successful in the markets and have good financial results.

Market-friendly technologies represented a wide range of goods, services, processes that provide superior performance at lower costs, while significantly reducing or eliminating  negative impacts on the environment, more effective and responsible use of natural resources.There are11 segments.

The global market for green goods and services amounts to $ 546 billion  (Worldwatch Institute, 2009),

Cleantech predict the market size of clean technologies in the $ 2 trillion to 2020.